The Pardon Heard Round The World

At the end of World War II most Germans claimed ignorance of The Holocaust. Americans will likely do the same when it’s our turn. But it will be just so much horseshit. When President Obama announced on April 16, 2009 that neither the CIA nor its agents, nor Bush, nor anyone in his Administration, including contract agents, would face prosecution for the use of torture, his supporters gave a collective sigh and consoled themselves with the notion that Obama had closed a despicable era in American history, one that, God willing, would never be repeated.

But that was the defining moment in President Obama’s Administration. Not when he bailed out the banks. Not when Osama bin Laden was killed. Not when he bailed out the auto companies. Not when he introduced his healthcare reforms. It was his decision to not prosecute George W. Bush, who admitted smugly in his memoir later that he violated international law by personally ordering the torture of detainees, saying “Damn right!” when asked if he authorized torture. Continue reading